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How to configure custom SpamAssassin filters


The option to enable "Spam Box" is available for users, and creates a simple "Spam" box for each user. However, some may choose to create their own rules, instead of the "Spam Box" provided with SpamAsasssin. This can easily be done from your cPanel; to do so, follow these steps.

Enable SpamAssassin

  1. From your cPanel, go to the Mail category, and select SpamAssassin.
  2. Verify SpamAssassin is enabled by selecting Enable SpamAssassin If the button states Disable SpamAssassin this means that it's already enabled.
  3. Now you will need to set a "rewrite" that SpamAssassin will apply to the message(s) it suspects is spam; select "Configure SpamAssasin," then enter something under "Rewrite_header subject." We recommend using something like **SPAM**, as this makes it easily identifiable.
Create a new Filter
  1. Return to your cPanel, navigate to the "Mail" category once again, and select "User Level Filtering."
  2. Select "Manage Filters" to the right of your email address, then select "Create New Filter." Give the filter a name, then fill out the boxes:
    • Select "Any Header", "Contains"; then enter your rule, such as "**SPAM**", into the field.
      Now, select the desired option using the bottom-most box. In common cases, selecting "Deliver to folder" and entering a specific folder, like "Junk" or "Spam" is optimal. This way you can still manually check the messages for false-positives.
  3. Select "Activate".
If you need any assistance setting these up, or need another example, please feel free to contact Support with any inquiries.

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